GCI-DGF Youths & Singles Activity on Valentine’s Day

GCI-DGF Youths & Singles Activity on Valentine’s Day

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DGF-3February 14 is Valentines day that the world celebrates every year. The GCI-DGF (Divine Grace Fellowship) of Mactan also had their own celebration for their youths & singles.

The late Ptr. Jessup Bahinting started this activity when he was the senior pastor of the church. The purpose of the activity was so that the GCI youth & singles as well their peers whom they invited can be helped to see God's precepts on "romantic" relationships & related issues. This is an add on forum for the young people of the church aside from their regular Bible Study and huddle.

This year DGF-Mactan held it on the very day, Feb. 14. Since it's Saturday, the activity was held overnight. The venue was at the house of our Senior pastor Rolan Laniba. Twenty plus youths & singles were present. Some of them were from our sister church GCI-CAN (Christ for All Nations)-Talisay City, Cebu.

We started the activity with a dinner. After dinner, Mam Margie Bahinting gave a short message about "Dating", followed by a question & answer portion.

DGF-1The participants questions were addressed by the help of the panelists - Sarah Bahinting, Vienna Macasero, Margarita Bahinting & Ranulfo Suan who brought to the fore the biblical precepts on the subject. After the Q & A portion the panelists & the facilitators prayed for God's continued direction in the participants journey that they each would grow in the grace & knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. After a short break for snacks, tge participants had a load of laughter in the "valentine charade".

Before closing the evening the participants affirmed one another via the cardboard messaging activity, wherein each would write a brief message on other participant's cards affirming their traits, talents & other positive gestures. —Vee S. Dequito

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