GCI Visayas Festival Youth Activity

GCI Visayas Festival Youth Activity

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By Joseph Bryan Ouano

Last October 31, 2017, the GCI-Youth activity was supposed to be a 3.3 km hike to Puncak Tan-awan which overlooks the islands of Negros, Cebu and Siquijor but with weather changes cancelling the original plan, the GCI-festival organizers decided to fellowship with the youth after a breakfast delivered to the Boy Scout of the Philippines Guest House. They were also able to have breakfast together with the GCI guests staying at the building.

The rain did not hamper anyone’s enthusiasm as the youth were introduced to the game “7-up.” it was a get-to-know you game that requires alertness and a certain amount of hand skill as the person who makes a mistake was made to choose between a “truth or a dare.” There were lots of cheers and laughs as the “victims” fell one-by-one.

If it was the first time to commit a mistake, the question was, “What is your best/most difficult hiking or trekking experience?” If you get a second mistake, you were asked your most embarrassing experience. And for the third, they were asked to describe their ideal lifetime partner.

Kuya Andrew Rota, in concluding the activity, shared how life can be like hiking uphill. It can be tiring and discouraging at times, but once we’ve reached the peak or destination, the reward is worth it. He also relates it to how following Jesus can also be hard and challenging but the reward of Jesus’ coming is so much better than what we can expect.

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