ReThink Community Honors Security Guards

ReThink Community Honors Security Guards

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As part of it's Project Seekers program, the ReThink Community (GCI Santa Rosa) invited some 36 security guards of the community of Laguna Bel Air in Santa Rosa, Laguna for an evening treat. It was held in the evening of July 1, 2017 starting with two worship songs after which senior pastor Jina Raduban explained what the event was all about. She explained that the local church just wanted to thank the security guards for their services in keeping the community safe and secure. This was something that the security guards in this area experienced for the first time.

Previous to this, the local church also invited some 25 house helpers within the Laguna Bel Air community last March 26. This was also something unique which the house helpers experienced for the first time. The Project Seekers program is a continuing outreach ministry of the local church.

Ptr. Ezra Raduban, delivered the main message for the evening sharing to the security guards the good news about the Lord Jesus Christ. After introducing some of the local church leaders, he then thanked the guards for their service to the community. Ptr. Rex Olandesca also shared the gospel to the guards asking them to give their hearts to the Lord.

Dinner was served for all the 36 guards after which they were given giveaway items like: used clothing, shoes, Bibles and medicine. The guards were thankful and appreciated the special evening treat for them. Both the givers and receivers were all happy that evening. Praise the Lord!



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