Spiritual Discernment in Leadership Class Held in IGSL

Spiritual Discernment in Leadership Class Held in IGSL

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A class on Spiritual Discernment in Leadership was held at the International Graduate School of Leadership (IGSL) from May 10 - 14, 2016. It was facilitated by Odyssey in Christ director Dr. Lawrence Hinkle with co-facilitator Dr. Reynaldo Taniajura. A number of leaders from Grace Communion International (GCI) joined the regular IGSL seminary students in the 5-day course namely: Ptr. Claro Ting, Ptr. Pol Makahiya, Ptr. Ric Sayo, Vicky Constantino, Alice Davis, Tammy Agomaa and Carmina Gonzales.

Practicing discernment personally or in groups is most beneficial in decision making. It opens the wisdom of God that is beyond human insight and ingenuity, to quote Dr. Larry Hinkle. Furthermore, he stated that the focus of the class is to help students to become more aware of the importance of spiritual discernment and to experience practical application of discernment principles in both life and ministry.

The topics discussed were eye opener and in the words of one of the students, there were a lot of "aha" moments. Everyone agreed that so much had been gained in the short time spent studying, not only in understanding the biblical foundations of leadership discernment but more so, in the importance of fostering a community of discernment in churches and groups where decision making is guided and directed by the movement of the Holy Spirit. --Carmina Gonzales

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