VBS Graduation 2017 at ReThink Community

VBS Graduation 2017 at ReThink Community

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The ReThink Community (GCI Sta. Rosa) was blessed to hold their yearly Vacation Bible School (VBS) in their new hall located at the CJRS Bldg. Laguna Bel Air 2. The event was held on five Sundays from May 7 - June 4. They were also blessed to have volunteers from their youth group aged 17-23 to be the directors and teachers of the whole event. A total of 33 kids had the privilege to attend and enjoy the event. This year’s VBS theme was “Fearless: Standing Boldly for God” with a theme verse from Psalm 118:6 that says, “The LORD is with me; I will not be afraid”, which encouraged kids to become fearless and faithful disciples of Jesus.

Through the VBS, the kids learned how to be fearless followers, defenders, peacemakers, worshipers, and witnesses. Each lesson was taught with a bible text, a memory verse, games, and crafts, with the goal of helping the kids realize the main point of each lesson. For each day, there was a worship rally, wherein some kids were asked to volunteer to lead the opening prayer, or lead the group in reciting scripture chants. Most of the kids who volunteered were unexpected, and to see them step out of their comfort zone fearlessly, was inspiring for everyone. For each day that the kids went to learn, they got to enjoy the food that came after finishing a class.

Despite the summer heat, the busy schedules, the low number of volunteers for the event, and the young age of the VBS Staff, the VBS Staff also learned to be fearless with God. They learned to be fearless, in the sense that the directors had to manage an event without prior experience, and the teachers had to teach without experience in teaching. They had to lead, teach, and earn the kids’ attention with such a small gap in age between teacher and student. This lack of experience and deficiency in skills actually gave way for God to work in each one of the VBS Staff, making them realize that they just had to act, and God made it happen.

On the last day which was the graduation day, volunteer students from each age group gave their testimonies on the different lessons that they learned, and gave thanks to God for the different blessings and provisions that they receive. A teacher also gave a testimony of her experience of teaching for the first time. She talked about how difficult it was for her to teach and keep the attention of the kids, but also being thankful of the opportunity that opened up for her to learn and grow as an individual as well. The main message was given by Ezra Raduban that catered to both kids and guests. After the graduation ceremony, the kids’ kept their workbooks, and free bibles were given to each one of them and they gladly received it.

Every year, ReThink Community holds a Vacation Bible School, and each year has a different story. What a wonderful feeling it is to let God work in each one of us and surprise us with the story that He unfolds in our lives. When all is said and done, we ask ourselves, why did we even worry? Let us all be fearless, with and for God! --Zach Raduban, VBS Director

  1. Date: June 24, 2017
    Author: Bill and Donna Rae Wells

    Congratulations on the success of your annual VBS! I'm sure it was hard work, but yoked to Jesus, he carries the load for you. Praise God for the way you touched the lives of the youth and led them to know our Triune God. Being fearless is difficult until you know and trust in God's love for you. Thank you for participating with God to transform the lives of the children. Blessings, hugs and love.


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